If a Half Marathon Is 4 Miles, I’m Set

As you may know, along with my blogging, my mileage dropped off a few weeks ago. I had a great 8 mile run about 3 weeks ago and haven’t done a run that long since. 

Mostly because I was gone 2 out of 3 weekends I didn’t get a run in, and doing a long run during the work week isn’t really an option for me. But not getting in my long runs is still totally my own fault.

I also think I was just doing TOO MUCH and I was burning out. I’ve changed a bunch of things about my training, and I think it’s really helped me.

1. I Cut Down on My Intensity

As you may know, I love Lithe Method, but doing the hour long workouts ON TOP of my training schedule was getting to be too much. I pay $$$ for a monthly pass to that gym, so I would stress myself out about needing to go at least 4 times a week to get my money’s worth.

It was running me ragged and leaving my muscles too sore to want to do anything. So, for now, I’m not doing Lithe Method AT ALL. I plan to pick it back up later on, but I can’t do both while I’m actively training for a race, it’s just too expensive and intense.

2. I Toned Down My Plan

I love love love the plan that I am following now, but since I fell off the plan a little bit, all the speed work involved was getting overwhelming. I’m hoping to re-incorporate some speed training, whether it’s for my half in September or the half in November (or the one in March! ahhh), but for now, to make sure I get my butt out the door, I’m just focusing on getting the run DONE.

3. I’m Still Cross Training

I’ve mentioned Tone It Up on here a few times before. Right before I took my blogging/running/life break, I REALLY started to drink the Tone It Up Kool Aid. Right now, all of my cross training is coming from Tone It Up. I’m following their weekly schedules to make sure I’m still working my total body and getting cardio from things other than running sometimes. Plus, LOOK AT THEM. 

4. I’m Trusting that Everything Will Be Okay

I’m really trying to not miss my runs, especially because I’m behind on my plan, but I’m trusting that everything will be okay. I WILL finish this half marathon (I ran the last one with even less training…oops!) I may not have the super fast (for me) time that I want, but ever since I stopped stressing about times and running and just started to run, I’ve found that my running has felt a lot better and I’m still hitting good times.

My run this morning

I’ve been running a new route in the mornings and I think it’s helped my overall mood. This route actually just takes me through Philadelphia from South Philly to the beginning of University City in West Philly. The highlight of this run is running the South Street Bridge.

Very exciting, I know.

Even though this route is very residential, so there’s a lot of stop and go, I like it a lot more than the industrial, by the highway path that I was following before. To the bridge and back is about 4.25 miles for me, which makes it a great Tuesday morning run. 

This morning I did not want to get out of bed, but when I finally did I felt super strong while running. So strong in fact that I decided to challenge myself to do negative splits. They were:

Mile 1- 10:20

Mile 2- 9:57

Mile 3- 9:56

Mile 4- 9:05

The last mile felt pretty great just because my legs wanted to go faster than usual but I was reminding myself to take it slow the whole time. A BIG thing that I have finally learned is how to actually take it slow on a run so I don’t crap out.

Tomorrow I may or may not join my boyfriend to workout with the November Project in the morning. The November Project is a group of people who get together in the mornings and do free group workouts like running stairs and circuit training.

My boyfriend loves it and I keep promising that I will go, so tomorrow might be the day!

What’s one thing that you’ve learned about your running recently? Have you ever attended a November Project Workout?

1 Sentence Per Picture

This summer has been going by so quickly! BUT, this summer has had lots of good moments and memories. Here are a few of the things I’ve been up to this summer.

This summer I…..

I captained a boat


Contemplated important purchases


Found the best way to celebrate a hard workout


Started a new OBSESSION


Ate all the mango avocado gazpacho possible


Lol’d at my favorite dog


Went for some runs, but not enough long runs


Found out I have a problem


Healthified a family recipe


Took in the sights


Hung out with my favorite person (my boyfriend)


Tasted wine


And drank wine slushies (1/2 grape juice 1/2 sweet wine, put in the freezer for a couple hours. Stir.) You’re welcome.


Found the perfect dish towels


Took a car selfie (it had to happen a some point)


Partied on a boat with good friends


Loved my life


Passed on jumping


Counted my blessings


I’m so glad to be back and to start talking about all things working out and running again!

What are 3 things you’ve done this summer???

Thinking about Winter Running in the Summer

Am I crazy? I just signed up for a half marathon in March, which can only mean one thing…. winter running.


It’s been a while since I’ve done any serious winter running. Maybe 2-3 years? So I’m a little nervous to say the least. I HATE treadmill running (plus I don’t belong to a gym) so the plan for now is to definitely train outside throughout the winter. COLD AND DARK.

The race is called The LOVE Run (isn’t that cute?) and it’s a new race to Philadelphia. This is its second year. I’ve had my eye on it for a while and have been going back and forth about whether or not I should register when registration opened (today). But they totally reeled me in. If you want to sign up, you can do it here.

Does anyone else totally hit panic mode when a race threatens a price increase? Well, for today only, the race is offering a $65 registration fee rather than the $72 registration fee it will jump to tomorrow. Plus, 150 random registrants today (fingers crossed one is me!) will get refunded half the price of their bib fee. Half price half marathon please!

Has anyone else just signed up for a race? If you had to choose one, winter or summer training?

I hate the humidity and heat of summer, but I don’t like that it’s always dark in the winter.

I’m leaving for the Thousand Islands today (in 30 minutes) but I will actually be BACK on Monday. Expect a huge picture dump and lots of groveling and sarcasm. You know, the usual ;) have a great weekend!