Half Marathon Training Week 3- That Time I Got Frostbite in the Summer

Well, I think the title says it all. Yesterday, I got frostbite. In the summer. Oh how do you ask? Well, it’s really quite a funny story…

You know how when you ice everybody tells you to put something between the ice pack and your skin? Well I finally figured out why. BECAUSE YOU CAN GET FROSTBITE.

Yes, you can get frostbite from an ice pack that has only been on your body for 15 minutes. (Am I the only one who didn’t really know this information?) I thought this kind of stuff only happened when you were stuck in the snow or out in the wild on Mount Everest.

what just happened

I’ve been icing injuries for 7+ years and never once have I had something like this happen. The scariest thing is that I didn’t notice that my skin was slowly freezing. I figured when you get frostbite it is this terribly uncomfortable numbness and you KNOW something is wrong. That wasn’t the case for me, my skin burned a little bit after a few minutes of putting the ice pack on, but it wasn’t something that caused me any alarm.


Time for alarm. Note: this is my shin after rewarming the area.

Well of course as soon as I realized what was happening, I frantically Googled. Here’s what I came up with:

How to Identify If You have Frostbite

  • Your skin will look pale/white/yellowish/gray (probably with red skin around it).
  • Your skin may be hard/frozen (like defrosting chicken <——- you’re welcome for that visual)
  • Commence to freak the f@$% out

So I Froze My Leg, What Happens Now?

1.  Rewarm the area


This should be done in by soaking in a bath that is between 104-108 degrees Fahrenheit. If you don’t have a bath around, then you should try to share body heat with another person or your own body, to the affected area. Don’t use dry heat such as a heating pad! Wrap it up in blankets and hope for the best. There may be some swelling. This is from your old frozen/dead cells rewarming and exploding (thank God I didn’t seem to have any swelling).

2.  Seek medical attention


I skipped this step. I don’t think I need medical attention, but I’m keeping a close eye on the area. This morning it still seemed a little red and I have some pain in that leg (not sure if it’s from the frostbite or shin splints….I’m a mess) but if it continues to hurt tomorrow, I’m going to see the doctor.

3.  You may get blisters


Just like with a heat burn, sometimes you may get blisters that will form within 72 hours of getting frostbite.

4.  Your skin may turn black


Because it’s DEAD! Because you KILLED IT. Commence freak out again!!!!

panic panic

Once again, if your skin is turning BLACK if you haven’t already gotten medical attention, this is pretty much the end of the “I’ll fix it myself” road.

Well, I hope we all learned some very important lessons from that. Moving on with our lives, here’s how training went this week:

week 3

Totally just realized I didn’t change the dates for this! It was 7/14-7/20 Ooops! :)

This week went pretty well with my training. My 6 miles yesterday went really well! I got to run in the suburbs since I was visiting my sister, so I got to run a bunch of hills (I actually really like running hills). I took it nice and slow and stayed around a 10:30 mile pace for each mile. I also only stopped once for about 2 minutes after the 4th mile (yayyyyy). I needed a run like this one. My long runs have been going so poorly that it was awesome finally having a run go really well! Hopefully this week will see more of the same!

Have you ever dealt with any icing-related mishap? Are you an urban or suburban runner? Hills or flat?

What Is Lithe Method?

If you follow my blog, then every once in a while you may hear me mention “Lithe” or you may see some ridiculous word on a training log like “Waspie” or “Stems 2.0″ or “Armistice” and I wanted to create a post about what Lithe Method is, just in case any of you out there were wondering.

So What Is Lithe?

Lithe Method is a studio (3 studios) that is based in Philadelphia.

Lithe is cardio-cheer-sculpting, so it is a mixture of high cardio movements, with cheerleading aspects, and weights or resistance bands to provide sculpting. Every class is barefoot, so we are always strengthening our feet (love that as a runner!) Here’s an example of a Cardio Cheer Sequence or CCS.

Lithe’s Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting® Rock Steady CCS from fithiphealthy on Vimeo.

Lithe isn’t just one standard class. There are over 20 (maybe 30?) different classes you can take when they appear on the schedule. Some have a lot of the Cardio Cheer Sequences like above (from a class called “Rock Steady” <—-killer class!) while others are slower and focused on toning while using weights and a mat.  Some classes use a lot of barre work, while others use steps, bands, weights, or balls. Almost every class is a total body class and we ALWAYS have to do push-ups and a few other moves.

I can’t tell you exactly what happens in a Lithe class because each Lither has to sign a confidentiality agreement when we join (kinda crazy, right?). But I can tell you that Lithe is a fun hybrid of cheerleading, circuit training, pilates, barre, yoga, and free weight training.

Lithe also has it’s own studio to street sportswear, as well as juices and foods in partnership with Pure Fare. I am obsessed with their Cherry Chia Seed bars! Lithe is a complete brand.

Why Do I Love It?

I’m not gonna lie, Lithe costs A LOT of money every month, so it can be hard to justify the cost, but I love the changes I can see in my body. I have ridiculously strong (and sexy if I do say so myself) shoulders and back from holding onto to bands for an hour at a time. I can now to 30 plyos with my hands above my head and then jump right into burpees, no problem (okay a little bit of a problem ;) )

Lithe has strengthened my feet, ligaments, joints, and muscles and I am a better, stronger runner for that. Along with strengthening me on the outside (I’m gonna get a little mushy on you for a moment) I really feel like I’ve become a stronger, more independent woman on the outside. There is something about being in a class with 30 other strong, successful women that has changed how I think about myself and my relationships. I certainly have dealt with my own self-confidence issues before, both in my head and my relationships, and something about Lithe has taken away a lot of the fear and doubts I used to have about myself. Okay, mushy part’s over!

Here’s a video that was just recently shot in the studio that I go to!

Anyway, I just wanted to fill you all in on what exactly Lithe is, since it’s such a big part of my life and training. If you want to find out more about Lithe you can go to their website to sign up or read their blog so you can drink some of the Lithe Koolaid with me :) And feel free to ask me any questions ever!

*PS Lithe did not ask me to write this post, I really am just sharing my passion with you!