How to Keep Yourself Busy before a Half Marathon

Anyone else a worrier? I am. I know it doesn’t do any good, in fact, if anything worrying can make everything worse, but I still can’t stop myself from doing it! Along with worrying, I’m an over thinker too. And no, telling me to “calm down” and things will be “fine” does not make me stop over thinking!

So, when my head and life start to feel like they’re running away from me, I like to focus my energies on getting a separate part of my life totally organized. That way I can OBSESS over organization rather than obsess over whatever it is that is bothering me.

Last time I was in this mood I focused my energies on half marathon planning. This time, I’m focusing my energy on de-cluttering my home tiny apartment, specifically, my closet. I’ve known I needed to get rid of a lot of old clothes for a while now, and after seeing some Fashion Infographics, I am inspired to get rid of pretty much everything!

Artistic envisioning of me this weekend

I figured I’d share the most helpful infographics I came across in case anyone else wants to join me this weekend!


This first infographic made me realize I have way too much extra crap in my closet. I think it’s better to have more than one nice dress etc. but this helps me remember that I really just need a few key staple pieces to really build my wardrobe on.

This is how you do a capsule wardrobe.

This is what I am calling the “Tough Love” chart. I am definitely keeping things in my possession that don’t fit, or aren’t flattering, or don’t match anything else in my closet right now and it is time to get real and get rid of them!

Cleaning out your closet? Start here.

And finally I am hoping to go to Ikea or Target or Homegoods, somewhere where they sell lots of cute organizational stuff because my closet definitely needs a facelift!

This cool graphic from Apartment Geeks tells you how to organize your closet.

And of course all the clothes that are in wearable condition I am either going to try to sell to a consignment shop or donate them. :)

Closet purging: are you a master or a hoarder?

Mean Girl Workout: HIIT & Kettlebells

Grumble grumble. Guess who was up from 2AM-6AM last night having a near panic attack about work.

I don’t feel comfortable saying too much about what is happening at work right now, but just know this

but at least it’s not my fault. I’m just in the middle of it. So, to say that I was ready and raring to go this morning for my workout was an understatement.

But with all the frustration, anger, and overwhelming feelings of anxiety, I knew I should probably workout some of my emotional excess. So I soldiered on and did my workout.

A lot of the time I turn to running to work out some of my anger, but my legs needed a rest today. Since I had a lot of pent up aggression, I decided a HIIT workout was fitting seeing as how I wanted to HIIT a hole in the wall (workout puns are the best puns).

After doing my favorite HIIT workout with the TIU girls, I did my other favorite high energy workout of theirs, kettlebells.

There’s something about swinging around something heavy that is cathartic.

To anyone else dealing with a frustrating time, I recommend these workouts. There’s something about the explosive energy and brute force necessary to complete these workouts that helps get out your aggression. Yes I could do a yoga class to calm down, but sometimes yoga just makes me more frustrated.

Besides, sometimes you just need to HIIT something. ;)

Working out your frustrations, what works for you?

My Weekend: Lorde, Race Volunteering, a Long Run, & Frisky Fall

I’m just going to bask for a moment. I had an amazing weekend (and I am having an equally stressful Monday to balance everything out). Here’s the breakdown.


I found out I WON tickets to the Lorde concert Friday night. None of my lady friends could go, so my boyfriend begrudgingly graciously agreed to accompany me. The concert was AWESOME. It was at the Mann Center, which is an awesome outdoor concert space in Philadelphia. Lorde was so good live! She sounded amazing, and it was the first concert of her North American tour!


It was impossible for me to get a good picture of her, but this is when she was singing Royals.


The next morning my boyfriend and I woke up at 5:30AM so we could report to our volunteer spots for the Philly 10K. According to Kris from Canadian Girl Runs, for every 4 races you run you should volunteer for one. Well, I’m definitely behind on my volunteer efforts and since I couldn’t run this race (it filled up faster than I could wrangle my friends together) I figured I should at least volunteer for it. Plus, I love Philadelphia Runner (the people behind the race).


Nick and I were hoping to work at one of the water stations, but instead we were assigned to bag check. We were a little bummed at first, but it was really hot and muggy outside anyway, so I think the air conditioning in bag check was a blessing. Also, our group of volunteers was really fun!


Now I can add professional bag checker to my resume!


Along with getting to see the behind the scenes of the race, we also got to enjoy some of the perks that the runners got, such as free Kind Bars.


The Strong & Kind Bars are their new line of savory bars with added protein. Each of these bars has 10g of protein versus the usual 4g of protein in Kind Bars. I haven’t tried the roasted jalapeno flavor yet, but the Thai sweet chili flavor is delicious! We also got a free beer ;) not too bad. It was a pretty sweet deal and a really great experience. By the end I was happier that we volunteered rather than ran it (it was too hot for me anyway).

We ended up spending the rest of the day napping and watching TV until dinner time, when I made one of my favorite things ever. Butternut squash.


The next morning I went out and did 10 miles. This is the longest distance I have ever done by myself, and it was the last long run before my half marathon in 2 weeks. Now I start to taper!


I kept reminding myself to take it slow, walk and stretch when I needed to, and just have a good long run so I would feel good about the distance. My training hasn’t been ideal for this race, but if I can do 10 miles by myself, I know I can do 13.1 in a race.

After a successful long run, Nick and I went to my favorite restaurant in Philly, FARMiCiA, for brunch. I totally forgot to take pictures, but I had an awesome mimosa and a crab, tomato, spinach, and mushroom omelette.

Yummmmmm. So basically, I had a perfect weekend.


Today is the official start of the Frisky Fall Challenge with Tone It Up. This challenge is 8 weeks long and leads up to Halloween. I’ve been looking forward to starting this challenge ever since they announced it. I figured I would share my goals with you all for this challenge.


If you want to follow me and all my Tone It Up workouts and whatnot you can add me on Instagram @somanysarahstiu

I was so excited to start, that I even woke up a few times during the night (a la like when it was the first day of school) thinking I had overslept my morning workout.

This morning called for an awesome (and quick) stair circuit workout. You can see it here. This workout is definitely going into my regular rotation. It has you run up and down a flight of stairs and then do push-ups or burpees etc. I’m saving the second workout (a toning routine) for this afternoon.

If you want to join the Frisky Fall Challenge, it’s not too late! And it’s FREE! You can see this week’s schedule here!

Have you ever volunteered for a race? Are you doing the Frisky Fall Challenge?