5 Happy Things :)

Today, we are focusing on the positives!

1. My phone background


Ahh, warmer, happier times.

2. Protein Shakes for Breakfast


I LOVE breakfast food, but I have found that a protein shake for breakfast is the best option for me. It keeps full without making me feel like I overate. And I think they are delicious.

3. My Desk Terrarium


I bought this at Home Depot for $8 two weeks ago and I love the tiny bit of life and greenness that it adds to my desk.

4. Tea Season (and other snacks)


I forgot how much I like warming myself up with a cup of tea in the morning. This is my snack/tea drawer at work. I have 6 different types of tea in my desk. My favorite right now is the Pumpkin Spice Rooibus from Trader Joe’s.

5. New Hat and Ear Muffs


A brand new Nordstrom Rack opened up 4 blocks from my office. Danger! Danger! I stopped there today to get some warm winter gear and my year long hunt for cute ear muffs is OVER! I wore the hat out of the store and was immediately warmer. I would have taken a dorky selfie, but I may or may not be at work right now… :o

What’s making you happy???

My Racing Is a Hot Mess

Okay, let’s get real for a moment. Remember how I love looking at new races to possibly run? And then I get super excited and pull the trigger? Well, it hasn’t worked out for me. It’s time to level: I don’t think I will be running the Philadelphia Half Marathon.

PS Don’t watch this movie. Crybaby may be a John Waters film but there’s a reason why you’ve never heard of it. It’s terrible.

Because of my allergies/chest pain/fatigue/ mucus build up, I haven’t gotten in enough training to safely run the half, especially since I am still having chest issues :(

More sad news? The Philadelphia Love Run that I signed up for a few months ago is not going to happen for me either :( It’s the same weekend that my best friend just told me she is getting married in Washington DC (that’s the happy news part :D ) so I had to cancel that race.

Soooo, currently I am feeling like a racing FAILURE. I mean, two DNS’s in one fiscal year?!?! (Calendar year didn’t work since they are in November and March).

I know LC, I know. Also I loved that Allure called you “basic” and you were all like “whaaaaatt???”

I’m not sure what to do about this. I want to book more races to keep me motivated through the winter, but I’m worried that those too will not pan out. I’ve definitely decided to lay off of half marathons for a while and stick to 5k and 10ks, but I’m sure come spring I will once again decide I should totally do a half marathon!!!! Please, kindly talk me out of it.

The worst part about it is looking back and feeling like I should have just pushed through. Maybe I’m just not trying hard enough. Maybe I just didn’t want to wake up early and go for a training run. There were definitely mornings where that happened.

But, alas, deep down I do know that until I know what’s going on with me, I don’t think it would be smart to go out for long distances and push myself, even with my inhaler.

I keep thinking about May/June as my “glory days.” I was training for my first 10k and I was following my plan closely and rejoining the world of running. I think what happened is I jumped headfirst back into running and then quickly overwhelmed myself. I want to keep my goals smaller and more attainable for now. (Bear with me, I really am thinking this out as a write).

The two 10ks I have my eye on right now here and here don’t have price increases and don’t happen until March and April, respectively. That gives me plenty of time to try to keep a baseline of running and then start training for the 10K in January, before I sign up for it, just in case.

Have you ever not been able to start a race you signed up for? Sad question, I know.

What is your favorite flavor jellybean? Mine is toasted marshmallow and buttered popcorn (judge away)

KettleToning and I Just Realized I’m in a Cult

So, you may or may not know this about me (but you definitely should): I enjoy watching television. I also enjoy doing tons of smart people stuff like books and podcasts and blogging and such (I’m like, a genius, I guess)

Yonce knows what’s up.

But for now, we’re talking about TV. We’re talking about Criminal Minds to be exact. Ooooo.

Because I mean, FBI agents, criminal profiling, fun facts, serial killers, witty remarks. What doesn’t this show have?!?!

ANYWAY, one of the fun facts I learned from bingewatching Criminal Minds is that cult leaders often create their own language within the cult to further distance its member from the outside world. And you know what I realized.

I’m in a cult.

No no, not like a weird religious kool-aid cult. I am in a fitness cult. The first cult that I was a member of was Lithe Method. We all know that I love Lithe Method but half marathon training mixed with the cost ($$$$$ on the yelp scale) made me pause my membership.

So then I found a new cult, Tone It Up, and I love it. I love the trainers, I love other Tone It Up girls, I love the workouts, the results, and pretty much anything else Tone It Up does.

So what language does Tone It Up create for it’s cult members? Words like “bootycall” “meta D” “bombshell spell” and “PMWO” come to mind. And they just recently added a new word to that list: KettleToning.

KettleToning is (maybe) exactly what you are thinking. It is an awesome combination of a kettlebell workout along with toning yoga moves. This was the second time I’ve done this workout and I wanted to share it with you all (AKA join my cult!)

Does anyone else here LOVE kettlebells? I just recently started using them, and I love them. I always feel a good burn in my muscles the next day.

Here are some of my favorite moves from the workout: Kettlebell swings, rows, reverse warrior, and partial Turkish get ups.

swings rows reverse warrior turkish get ups

I think everyone should be part of a fitness cult (not a real cult, those things seem a little too intense), because it means that you’ve found something that you love doing so much that you have let it become a part of who you are. Runners are definitely a cult: PR, PB, Tempo, Fartlek, BodyGlide etc…

Anyway, even if you don’t feel like delving into the cult that is Tone It Up (or any other fitness movement) I highly recommend trying out this video. It’s great cross training for all athletes, but runners especially!

Are you a part of a fitness cult?

Also, Criminal Minds, it’s on Netflix, do you watch? If you like Law and Order SVU, then this is an official recommendation.