Dangling a Carrot

Okay, there are a lot of ways to motivate me to do things I don’t want to do: presents, money, food, and flattery all work very well with me.  So if you remember when I said “No thank you November Project, you are not for me” that wasn’t a closing door so much as a “Come back to me with a better offer and we’ll talk.” I’m a stern negotiator.

Well, imagine my surprise when I read this tweet:


Offer accepted.

Now, I don’t know about you all, but when Bart Yasso and Runner’s World ask me to do something, I do it. Would I jump off a bridge if they told me to? HELL YES. If they said it would make me a better runner. So I went!

I talked myself up about it beforehand and told myself I was going to FORCE myself to enjoy it.

And guess what. I had FUN. I put on my happy pants, smiled, still begrudgingly hugged 10 strangers- never gonna get on board with that, and did my 35 minutes of stair running with lots of sit-ups and push-ups.

I had a running buddy this time also which made it exponentially better. Who knew that friends could make things more fun????? I’ll have to continue to test that theory.

Look, here is PROOF that I was there. I even lovingly took the time to point out where I am in this picture #madpaintskills


I didn’t get to officially meet Bart, I prefer to creep from afar but I did say “hi” to him while we were running steps. I believe that official transcript of our encounter was as follows:

Me: Bart Yasso! Thanks for coming out!

Bart: …yeahhh

(end transcript)

He was very nice though! And he told us a great story about a flight attendant and the mile high club. Those are all the details I will give you ;)

Another great thing is that I got to meet up with a fellow Tone It Up girl! I met up with Emily after the workout!

(In other news, I just learned how to embed things from Instagram)

So I guess the new theme of my blog should be:

If I don’t like something the first time, try again. If I don’t like it the second time, swear off it until Bart Yasso says he’ll do it. Then try it a third time and have fun!

Words to live by, people!

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, BUT I will share yesterday’s workout with you because I really liked it! I ran about a mile to that stair/ramp combo I had talked about. I did 10 hill (ramp) repeats (which equaled a mile) and then 10 stair repeats (with a jogging recovery so that equaled a mile too!) It was awesome and my legs were definitely feeling it at the end.

What carrot needs to be dangled to get you to do something you don’t want to?

Rescue Run 5K Race Recap: On the Up and Up

Have you ever had one of those races where leading up to it you were like “Ugh, why did I sign up for this? It is the bane of my existence; the last thing I want to do is run in it!”

Well, that was how I felt about this race. And all I wanted to do was not show up, but I said to myself, “Sarah, come on, it’s 3.1 miles. Stop being such a little baby, suck it up, and get it done.” (I give it to myself straight).

You know what, it seems to be a theme of this blog that I don’t want to do something, I force myself to do it, and then I realize how much I enjoyed doing it.

So, not to give anything away or anything but I FREAKING PR’ed at this race.

I went into this race not really expecting anything but a really cool-looking tech tee.


Pretty great, right?

All I was expecting/hoping for from this race was to finish under 30 minutes which I still thought might be a stretch since my legs felt so slow on Friday.

It really helped that I ran this same race/course last year so I knew exactly what to expect. It was a flat out and back through some parking lots at the Navy Yard.

I kinda like an out and back because you know exactly what’s coming the second half of the race. Also, I get to see the front-runners pass me, which I think is cool and I always cheer them along!

Yes, I know that I have said that I don’t like races in parking lots because they are a snore-fest, but I love the Rescue Run’s mission- help get all the puppies/kittens/animals adopted! Also, there were two bands along the course, which I think is pretty big-time for an average (not expensive/gimick-y) race.

Just like last year, the first mile felt fast. I looked at my watch and I ran the first mile in about 9 minutes. PS I ran this race with just my regular running watch, not my Garmin. It was weird but kinda nice to not know my exact pace at any moment.

The second mile, just like last year, felt like FOREVER. It was the kind of mile during a race where you start to think that you missed the mile marker, or you’re going to die.

The final mile felt fine, and I like that you can clearly see the finish line for a long time which helped to push me to the end.

I finished with an official time of 27:55 (9 min/mile pace) which is the fastest I’ve run in my adult years (I don’t count my HS PRs anymore because I’m not going to be running a 21:53 5k anytime soon!)

Sorry, no race photos in this pace :( my photographer/boyfriend wasn’t able to snap any. You can send your complaints to sarahsphotographer@boyfriend.com

So what is the lesson, the same lesson that I have been learning over and over again?

Pushing myself outside of my “comfort zone” almost always pays off.

Out and back courses, what are your thoughts?


Here’s a quick update of what I am currently doing. Because I know you care <3

Currently eating- Tone It Up’s Pumpkin Turkey Chili

I just made this chili last night with some cornbread and it is so delicious! My boyfriend even said it was better than Trader Joe’s (that’s a compliment).

Currently listening to- GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso

I broke down and bought an audible subscription. I walk an hour a day so audiobooks just make sense to me. I’m really enjoying Amoruso’s witty, sarcastic, yet inspiring advice. PS I used the coupon code ‘retail’ and am only paying $5 and change for the first 3 months for Audible.

Currently obsessing over- Ear cuffs

Not sure if I’ll look as glamorous as Emma Watson with one or if I’ll just look like a crazy person so I bought a super cheap and simple one to try out from Forever21.

Currently watching- Pilots!

After listening and reading a lot of articles and discussions about this seasons new TV series, I’ve been really excited to start watching some and see which ones are good and which ones suck. I just watched Red Band Society this morning and found myself nearly crying at the end. I really liked it and I hope that it catches on! I’m also looking forward to watching Mulaney (even though everyone has said it’s terrible) and the return of my favorite funny man, Andy Samberg on Brooklyn-99.

Currently planning- a stair/hill workout!

After the November Project debacle, I have realized that I really want to incorporate more hill and stair workouts into my training. About a mile from my house is a bridge that has a staircase on one side and a ramp on the other. I’m planning a workout  where I’ll go down the steps and up the ramp and then reverse it to go down the ramp and up the steps. Does that make sense? The stairs are on the left of the picture and the ramp is on the right.

stairs ramp

Thanks Google maps

Currently looking forward to- the Rescue Run 5K

I ran this race last year. I love the Monster Milers, a volunteer group that takes shelter dogs out for runs! There is a secret part of me that is hoping to PR for this race and there is another part of me that is all like “dude, you just ran a half marathon and haven’t been training for speed. Slow your roll”


That’s a quick update about me!

What are you currently watching, eating, and obsessing over?